Station 8

Fort Oglethorpe Fire & Rescue Station 8 opened in December 1981.  The first pieces of equipment housed there were a 1948 Mack Engine that had a 500 gpm pump and a 1981 International Tanker with a 1500 gallon tank.  There were fifteen original volunteers to be trained for the opening of the station.  The original members were Gary McGhee, Gary Carlock, Winford Workman, Wendell Cain, John Lewis, Ed Forsyth, Richard Ward, Corky Dunn, Paul Headrick, Preston Trundle, Bill Cook, Bill Cobb, Alan Brown, Jim White, Jim Dietz, Jim Hall, and Bud Hatfield.

Bud Hatfield was assigned the task of training this crew for the station.  There were no officers at the station when it was opened and Chief Cook placed Gary McGhee in charge.  The timeline of station officers at Station 8 are:

                        Capt. Gary McGhee            December 1981 – March 1991
                        Capt. Gary Carlock             April 1991 – May 1992
                        Capt. Bill Cobb                    June 1992 – December 2005
                        Capt. Ron Kibble                 January 2005 – 2012

Station 8 received their first alarm in January 1982.  Their first working structure fire was not until May 1982 on Brownwood Circle.  In January 1985, there was a structure fire.  It was a memorable alarm due to the record low temperature of 10 below zero and it was Super bowl Sunday.

In 1985, Station 8 received a Ford Chassis with 1000 gpm pumper.  Also during 1985 there was a new set of jaws purchased for Station 8 made possible by the Governor’s Discretionary Fund.

Chief Camp purchased several apparatus when he became chief in 1991 and that brought a new (used) engine to Station 8.   The engine was a 1972 Mack Pumper.  This engine is now housed at Station 1 as Wagon 1.  In 1995, Chief Camp purchased a new engine for each station.  Station 8 received a 1996 Spartan.  As of September 2008, the first line engine is a 2008 E-One Rescue Pumper on a Typhoon Chassis.