Station 10

Fort Oglethorpe Fire & Rescue Station 10, originally known as Station 9, was approved to be constructed in May 1984.  The building was constructed in the fall of the same year on City property off of Macksmith Road.  After the station was built it sat dormant for several years, until Harrell Murray set up a shop in the building for fire department equipment repairs.

The late Sgt. Shannon Carlock was given the charge to help recruit firefighters for the station and a sign was posted in front of the station requesting volunteers. Shannon passed away, in 1991, before he could see the station open.

Fort Oglethorpe Fire & Rescue opened Station #10 in July 1992 on Macksmith Road.  The piece of equipment that was moved to Station 10 was bought in November 1972 for Station 1, then moved to Station 2, until it moved to Station 10.  It was a C 1000 diesel engine.  Capt. Jim Brewer was the first officer at the station.  In 1995, Chief Camp purchased a new engine for each station.  Station 10 received a 1996 Spartan.  Station 10 is operaed as a volunteer and training station.

The following is a list of the station officers over Station 10's history:
Capt. Jim Brewer                 July 1992 - June 1994
Capt. Harrell Murray             June 1994 - December 1994
Capt. Lewis Williams           January 1995 - June 1996
Lt. Robert Moyer                   July 1996 - June 1998
Capt. Bud Hatfield                June 1998 - July 1998
Capt. Jeff Long                     August 1998 - July 2000
Capt. Marlin Thompson       July 2000 - December 2006
Lt. Todd Sliger                      December 2006 - September 2008
Lt. Mark Snyder                    October 2008 - October 2009

Station 10 has been transitioned to a Training Center in 2018.