You're Guide to Constructing or Opening a New Business

  • All Businesses in the City of Fort Oglethorpe are required to have a business license and every building must have a Certificate of Occupancy to operate.
  • To obtain a business license, first complete a business license application.  These are available at City Hall.
  • No renovations, construction, demolition, or land clearing may begin until the proper permits are issued based on approved plan submittal.
  • You must get proper authorization from the Zoning Office (City Hall, 500 City Hall Drive (706) 866-2544, ext. 1200)
  • If the building is changing occupancy classification of modifications are being made to the building, plans must be submitted to FIRST the Fire  Prevention Bureau and then Codes Enforcement Office.
  • Contact the Codes Enforcement Office for details on plans submittal (City Hall, 500 City Hall Drive,
    (706) 866-2544, ext. 1200). A building permit is required.
  • Contact the Fire Prevention Bureau for details on plans submittal (Fort Oglethorpe Fire & Rescue, 201 Forrest Road, (706) 861-4194). A building permit will be issued by the Fire Department also.
  • To obtain a Certificate of Occupancy the building must pass all inspections based on all Applicable codes. All inspections must be scheduled with Codes Enforcement and the Fire Prevention Bureau.
  • Fire inspections will be at no charge for the first scheduled  inspection. All re-inspections shall Incur a fee based on City Ordinance.
  • Building Official inspections will be at no charge for the first scheduled inspection. All re-inspections shall incur a fee based on City Ordinance.