Where does FOFR service?

We service 25 square miles of Catoosa County, including the City of Fort Oglethorpe and the western portion of the unincorporated areas of Catoosa County. 

What is FOFR's ISO rating?

We received our current ISO rating in 2012.  Our current rating is a 3 in the City of Fort Oglethorpe and a 3/9 in the unincorporated area Catoosa County.   

Do we offer station tours or birthday parties?

Yes, we do offer station tours, but only at our headquarters station.  Our Explorer Post also has began providing birthday parties.  Please call headquarters for more information. 

How can I schedule a tour of the fire safety house?

The fire safety house can be booked through the headquarters station at (706) 861-4194.  The fire safety house can be toured at Station 1 or it can be taken to events and be toured upon scheduled.