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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the ratio of paid employees and volunteers?

A:  Fort Oglethorpe Fire Department has 4 paid duty crew staff, 1 paid Fire Marshal, 1 part-time paid Fire Inspector, 1 paid Administrative Captain, and part-time paid Fire Chief.  Fort Oglethorpe Fire & Rescue has approximately 60 part-time and 10 volunteer firefighters, 10 support staff members and fire safety educators, and 10 explorers.

Q:  Where does Fort Oglethorpe Fire & Rescue service?

A:  We service 25 square miles of Catoosa County, including the City of Fort Oglethorpe and the western portion of the unincorporated areas of Catoosa County.

Q:  What is Fort Oglethorpe Fire & Rescue's ISO (Insurance Services Office) rating?

A:  We received our current ISO rating in February 2003.  Our current rating is a 3 in the City of Fort Oglethorpe and a 3/9 in the unincorporated area Catoosa County.  For more information on ISO and how it applies to your home click here.

Q:  Do we offer station tours or birthday parties?

A:  Yes, we do offer station tours, but only at our headquarters station.  Our Explorer Post also has began providing birthday parties.  Please call headquarters for more information.

Q:  How can I schedule to get a tour of the fire safety house?

A:  The fire safety house can be booked through the headquarters station at (706) 861-4194.  The fire safety house can be toured at Station 1 or it can be taken to events and be toured upon scheduled.







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