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Burn Permit Information


Burn Permit for City

Call 706-861-4194 or 706-861-4059 to be advised burning laws
Must come by office to receive permit
Burn Permit for County
Call 1-877-OK2-BURN or 1-877-652-2876 to obtain burn permit
Or Visit Georgia Forestry Commission to receive a permit
Open Burning Permit Conditions
1.  Burning is allowed on approved days only
2.  Burning is allowed on between 9:00 AM and 4:30 PM
3.  Materials that CANNOT be burned: paper, cardboard, paperboard, treated wood, foam, lead paint, asbestos
     materials, rubber, garbage, plastics, tires, stumps, roofing materials, sheet rock, tar paper, or any other
     polluting matter
4.  No salvage operation will be conducted by open burning, i.e. boats, insulated wire, automobiles
5.  The owner or occupant of the premises must be present at ALL times with an operable fire extinguisher or
      garden hose connected to a functioning water hydrant.
6.  Permits must be kept at or near burning site and readily available for inspection
7.  Burning is allowed only at the mailing address of the applicant
8.  Permits issued solely for your convenience
9.  Permits are not valid unless signed by the applicant and contains the applicant's address and phone number
10.Permits are valid only for the day of issue, unless the application is submitted on Friday for issuance of a
     Saturday permit

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