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Safety Statement

A safety statement is to serve as a reminder as to the importance of our safety effort to control losses involving fire personnel. The Governing Parties and the Fire Chief are deeply concerned about injuries and other losses experienced by fire personnel.

Almost all accidents involve human error, making them avoidable. That is why it is the policy of fire services that everyone must make the prevention of all accidents a top priority. The policies and programs that are in place are there for the benefit of everyone, and they are not to be overlooked.  But as experience will tell you, not every problem can be entirely addressed by a set of guidelines. Every department member has a responsibility to use common sense when faced with a hazardous situation so that unsafe conditions can be controlled or eliminated to the best of our abilities. If you are ever in doubt about what to do, ask your supervisor. One important point to remember is that preventing accidents takes teamwork and we must watch out for each other. To better coordinate our efforts, the following elements of our safety program must be utilized.

DEPARTMENT OFFICERS Department officers are responsible for the instruction, both initial and in service, of all department members under their guidance in regard to proper procedures and safety methods to be utilized. Department officers are also responsible for taking immediate corrective measures to eliminate or minimize hazardous conditions and/or practices. Department officers must at all times enforce established safety practices and will not permit safety to be sacrificed for any reason.

DEPARTMENT MEMBERS - Department members must accept the primary responsibility for the prevention of accidents so that our department members have a safe and healthy workplace. In doing so, department members must provide the incentive and full support of all safety procedures, training, hazard elimination efforts, etc. Department members must make every reasonable effort to ensure that they are fully informed on all applicable health and safety issues.

Also, department members must constantly review the effectiveness of the over all safety effort for which they are responsible and make changes as necessary.

DEPARTMENT MEMBERS Department members must realize that accidents are usually the result of human error and that they have the most to lose by taking unnecessary risks. It is much easier to prevent accidents than to experience the consequences of one. Some major points of our safety program that require special attention include:

  • Safety policies and procedures are there for the protection of our department members

  • All hazardous conditions and other safety and health concerns must be reported to your supervisor without delay

  • All accidents, including near-miss accidents, must be reported immediately to your supervisor.  In the event of an injury accident, medical aid should be sought without delay following the steps set forth by department policy.


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