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Fire Marshal Instructions

You're Guide to Constructing or Opening a New Business


All Businesses in the City of Fort Oglethorpe are required to have a business license and every
   building must have a Certificate of Occupancy to operate.

To obtain a business license, first complete a business license application.  These are available at
   City Hall.

  No renovations, construction, demolition, or land clearing may begin until the proper permits are
   issued based on approved plan submittal.

  You must get proper authorization from the Zoning Office (City Hall, 500 City Hall Drive (706) 866-
   2544, ext. 1200)

. If the building is changing occupancy classification of modifications are being made to the building,
   plans must be submitted to FIRST the Fire  Prevention Bureau and then Codes Enforcement Office.

  Contact the Codes Enforcement Office for details on plans submittal (City Hall, 500 City Hall Drive,
   (706) 866-2544, ext. 1200). A building permit is required.

  Contact the Fire Prevention Bureau for details on plans submittal (Fort Oglethorpe Fire & Rescue,
   201 Forrest Road, (706) 861-4194). A building permit will be issued by the Fire Department also.

  To obtain a Certificate of Occupancy the building must pass all inspections based on all Applicable
    codes. All inspections must be scheduled with Codes Enforcement and the Fire Prevention

  Fire inspections will be at no charge for the first scheduled  inspection. All re-inspections shall Incur a
   fee based on City Ordinance.

  Building Official inspections will be at no charge for the first scheduled inspection. All re-inspections
   shall incur a fee based on City Ordinance.

Fort Oglethorpe Contractors' Instructions (2018)
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Sprinkler Contractor's Certificate of Competency
NFPA 72 Inspection & Testing Form
Fire Alarm System Record of Completion
Aboveground Test Certificate NFPA
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