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Current City Codes
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Current City Codes

Fire Codes in Georgia and the City of Fort Oglethorpe
Title 25 Chapter 2 O.C.G.A. (Official Code of Georgia Annotated), known as "Regulation of Fire and Other Hazards to Persons and Property Generally," allows the Safety Fire Commissioner to adopt rules and regulations to promote fire safety.  These rules and regulations are adopted under Chapter 120-3-3 "Rules and Regulations of the Safety Fire Commissioner" and known as "Rules and Regulations for the State Minimum Fire Safety Standards."  Certain NFPA standards and the International Fire Code are adopted under 120-3-3.  For enforcement purposes, City of Fort Oglethorpe adopts these state minimum standards by reference in the City of Fort Oglethorpe Code.  The City of Fort Oglethorpe Fire Marshal's Office enforces the state minimum standards.

Section 38 City Ordinance on Fire Prevention & Protection
Section 38-48 City Ordinance on Fire Hydrants
Section 54-9 City Ordinance on Regulation of False Alarms
120-3-03 State Minimum Fire Safety Standards - effective 1-30-2014
Georgia Accessibly Code 120-3-20 - effective 6-25-1997
Life Safety Code NFPA 101  2012 Edition - effective 1-30-2014
International Fire Code 20012 - effective 1-1-2014
International Building Code 2012 Edition - effective 1-1-2014
International Mechanical Code 2012 Edition - effective 1-1-2014
National Electrical Code 2011 Edition - effective 1-1-2012